We are happy to announce a partnership with Banana Tennis Academy!

 A short introduction on them:

They are a group of dedicated, certified and professional coaches here in sunny Singapore. They have been in the tennis scene for quite a few years and have recently setup their academy as a melting pot of coaching ideas and passion of tennis. They have young local blood that is full of energy and dedication to the craft they love.

We at Origin Tennis immediately took a liking to their tennis director, Joel, for his passion, drive and desire to spread the love of tennis all over Singapore. We would like to join hands with them as partners as we share the same vision and love of the game. Together we can pull our resources and reach out to more future tennis stars, addicts and coaches alike!

Here is what Banana Tennis Academy has to say:

“Hi all!

We are really excited to work with Origin Tennis. Christo isn’t afraid to share his experiences and exchange coaching ideas and methodologies on court.

Banana Tennis Academy, like its name, is centered around Bright, Fun and Energetic type of coaching style. Yes we do get serious on court and give our students specific instructions to shape them into better players / bananas, but we never forget to inject humor through our analogies and conversation. 🙂

If you are looking for a fun and energetic tennis coach in Singapore, Banana Tennis Academy is a great place to start!”

Here is what a happy banana client has to say:

Having an avid interest in tennis for 7 years, playing with all kinds of tennis groups, I came across Banana Tennis Coaching Team online and signed up. Within a short period of coaching with Banana Tennis, I have improved tremendously. Unlike the other tennis coaches I had in the past, the skills and techniques are more relatable to the modern and better aggressive style of tennis which are, while quite different from what I have learnt, better. The coaches are also friendly, helpful and approachable. Overall I would recommend Banana Tennis Coaching Team to anyone who has an interest in tennis and hope you enjoy it as much as I did. ~ Nigel Yeo, Junior College Student.